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Cable car to the Schauinsland

Schauinslandbahn Freiburg

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Location: Horben
Suitable for prams: ja

The Schauinslandbahn near Freiburg is one of the most fascinating attractions in the Black Forest. It connects the surrounding area of ​​Freiburg with the summit of the Schauinsland, one of the most beautiful mountains in the region.

The Schauinslandbahn is not only the longest gondola cableway in Germany, but also one of the steepest. The journey from the valley station (473 m above sea level) in Bohrer, a district of Horben, to the mountain station (1220 m above sea level) on the Schauinsland takes about 15-20 minutes and covers a distance of 3,6 kilometers. The train overcomes a difference in altitude of almost 750 meters.

During the ride on the Schauinslandbahn, spectacular views of the Rhine Valley, the Vosges and the surrounding Black Forest mountains open up. On a clear day you can even see the Alps in the distance. The breathtaking landscape will captivate you and give you the feeling of being on a journey through beautiful, untouched nature.

The special features of the Schauinslandbahn

A highlight of the Schauinslandbahn are the 37 glazed gondolas, which give you a 360-degree view of the landscape passing by. This allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the region while driving. The gondolas can accommodate up to eleven people.

The Schauinslandbahn is also in operation all year round and offers you the opportunity to explore the Schauinsland in every season. In winter, the landscape turns into a white winter wonderland, perfect for skiing and tobogganing. In spring and summer you can discover the diverse flora and fauna of the Black Forest, while autumn, with its bright colors and clear days, invites you to go on long hikes.

The history of the Schauinslandbahn Freiburg

The Schauinslandbahn looks back on a long and exciting history. The first plans for the construction of a cable car on the Schauinsland were developed as early as the 1920s. The aim was to promote tourism in the region and allow visitors easy access to the summit of the Schauinsland. After several years of planning and construction, the Schauinslandbahn was finally opened in 1930.

Since its opening, the Schauinslandbahn has undergone several modernizations and conversions. In 1987, the railway was extensively modernized and received, among other things, new gondolas and improved control technology. In 2013, the Schauinslandbahn was modernized again to meet the increasing demands for comfort, safety and environmental protection.

Today, the Schauinslandbahn Freiburg is an important part of the leisure activities in the region and attracts numerous visitors every year.


Images courtesy of Photo by Sternenvogelreisen on Pixabay and Photo by steinchen on Pixabay

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