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Hiking in the Black Forest

Pure nature and endless forest landscapes: hiking routes in the Black Forest and Île-de-France

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The Black Forest is considered a real jewel in southwest Germany. The mountainous region bordering France is characterized by endless evergreen forests, picturesque landscapes and some of the most fascinating hiking routes in Europe. The countless lakes in particular make the Black Forest a real paradise for hiking enthusiasts. The Île-de-France region covers the metropolitan area around Paris in northern France. It's not that far from the Black Forest and can be perfectly combined with a hiking holiday. How to do this is written here.

A touch of nature in the greater Paris area

While in the Black Forest you can roam through the deepest forests for days, in the Île-de-France region you will find a good mix of nature and urban lifestyle. The greater Paris area is perfect for a city trip and as a starting point for your vacation. From Stuttgart to Paris you can get there by express train within four to five hours. But it's not just shopping, culture and good food that you'll find in Paris. The Île-de-France region also offers a variety of good hiking opportunities that are often overlooked. One such hidden treasure is the Fontainebleau Forest, considered the “cradle of bouldering”. Its striking rock formations and stony hiking trails form an Eldorado for hikers and climbers.

A popular hike leads from Barbizon to Milly-la-Forêt. The route is a good way to experience the untouched nature of the forest and also discover the artistic history of the Fontainebleau region. The whole of France offers a variety of landscapes that are ideal for hiking. From the majestic Alps to the sun-drenched fields of Provence, everyone will find a route to suit their taste and the desired level of difficulty. The Île-de-France is so special because hikers can experience not only beautiful natural landscapes, but also a lot of culture. In addition to extensive forest areas, you can always find historic villages and picturesque castles that are worth a visit.

Hiking in the Black Forest: Immerse yourself in the heart of the forest

After a few days in the Île-de-France region, we continue to the Black Forest with its dense forests, romantic lakes and clear rivers. Anyone who likes being outside will feel right at home here. The many lakes, which fit picturesquely into the forest landscape, are certainly a highlight of every hiking tour. The Schluchsee - the largest lake in the Black Forest - is a popular swimming lake that is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany. Around the lake, hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers find perfect conditions for a varied, active holiday.

The most famous Black Forest lake is the Titisee, an idyllic mountain lake in a fantastic setting. There are a few around the Mummelsee Legends and sagas. Among other things, it is said that mermaids (“little mermaids”) live there in the unfathomable depths. The legendary one Mummelsee, a karst lake - a remnant of the Ice Age - you should definitely pay a visit during a hiking tour. A particularly popular tour leads from Titisee to Schluchsee. This route is not only a pleasure for experienced hikers. Since the trails are well signposted, they make it easy for even beginners to discover the beauty of nature.

Other popular hiking trails

The Black Forest offers a wide variety of hiking trails for all fitness levels and preferences. One of the most impressive hiking routes leads around Feldberg, the highest mountain in the region. The Feldberg route covers around 12 kilometers and includes panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The path leads through dense forests and past clear streams. There are always idyllic rest areas along the way where you can take a break and enjoy nature. Anyone looking for adventure will come to this Canyon Trail at his expense. It is a 118 kilometer long long-distance hiking trail. As the name suggests, it leads through the deepest gorges of the Black Forest, past impressive waterfalls and through dense forests. A special highlight is the Wutach Gorge, one of the most beautiful and wildly romantic gorges in Germany.

If you'd rather refresh yourself in the picturesque lakes from time to time, it's best to go to the Seensteig. This hiking trail connects several Black Forest lakes on a 16 kilometer long hiking route. Regardless of whether it is a short circular hiking trail or a long long-distance hiking trail: there is something for everyone in the Black Forest. The mixture of untouched nature, picturesque lakes and cultural highlights makes hiking in the Black Forest a unique experience.

Whether the Black Forest or Île-de-France: the diversity of hiking routes and nature trails in southern Germany and northern France impresses everyone who sees them. The Black Forest, with its clear lakes and dense forests, is a classic holiday destination for nature lovers. In the Île-de-France you can combine nature experiences with a city holiday. No matter which region you choose – hiking in Germany and France promises unforgettable adventures.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal