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Location: Oberwolfach
Einwohner: 2700

The pretty Black Forest village of Oberwolfach is located in the Black Forest national park region. The wonderful and unique environment invites you to take leisurely walks, long hikes and sporty mountain bike tours.

The healthy climate lets you forget the stress and hectic pace of everyday life and gives you new strength for the time after your vacation, after the most beautiful weeks of the year. Oberwolfach with its 2700 inhabitants in the districts of Kirche and Walke and seven side valleys can look back on over 700 years of history.

On your tours through the town, through valleys and over heights, you will encounter the living history, the farming tradition and the mining tradition including minerals. Whether a visit to the Wenceslas mine for visitors in the Frohnbachtal or in the theme park of historical mining, minerals and mathematics, visitors of all ages get a unique insight into the mining tradition. The Museum of Minerals and Mathematics shows minerals from the entire Black Forest with a focus on the Clara mine in Rankach Valley. The interfaces and peculiarities of the two areas of minerals and mathematics are presented aesthetically, scientifically and interactively and are aimed at a broad audience. Rural tranquility, lively customs, hustle and bustle and cultural offers - all of this makes Oberwolfach the ideal holiday destination.

Additional information at:

E-mail: touristinfo@oberwolfach.de

Phone: + 49 78 34 83 83 0

Web www.oberwolfach.de

Image courtesy of arno kohlem photodesign
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