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Wenceslas mine for visitors

Wenceslas mine for visitors

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Location: Oberwolfach
Suitable for prams: no

One of the formerly most important silver mines in the central Black Forest, the Wenzel mine in Oberwolfacher Frohnbach, has been opened to the public as a visitor mine and thus offers a unique insight into historical mining, which was located in many places in the Kinzig valley. In 5000 hours, the members and friends of the “Friends of the Visitor Mine eV” worked through the historic silver mine in order to preserve and show this traditional piece of local history to posterity. The Wenzel Pit consists of an extensive system of corridors on several levels.

A part was made accessible to the general public as a visitor mine and can be visited in groups of up to 20 people with an adventure guide on a tour lasting around an hour and a half. Equipped with a helmet, miner's lamp, boots and jacket, all young and old explorers can go into the depths of the mine with its tunnels of considerable size and rich yield with:

  • Traces of mining with mallets and iron (16th century)
  • Traces of mining using gunpowder (18th / 19th century)
  • Day shaft and fault zone
  • the white, silver-bearing heavy spar vein
  • Mining of silver and copper ores
  • Druze, pit hunt and reel

After the tour, the traditional washing of boots at the fountain is of course also part of the visit.

Approach to the Wenceslas mine

How to get there by car
Frohnbach 19th
77709 Oberwolfach

Parking spaces: To the card

Arriving by bus
GPS-Koordinaten: 48°18’58.2″N / 8°12’37.9″E
Parking spaces: To the card

With public transport
From the train station Wolfach (approx. 4 km away) the bus will take you to the church / Lindenplatz stop, which is approx. 15 minutes' walk from the Wenzel mine.

Further information: www.grube-wenzel.de


Telephone +49 7834 868392

e-mail grubewenzel@oberwolfach.de

Images courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal and arno kohlem photodesign