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Knock saw Fröhnd
Knock saw Fröhnd

Knock saw Fröhnd



Location: Happy
Suitable for prams: no

One of the main attractions in the southern Black Forest is undoubtedly the knocking saw in Fröhnd. Erected in 1808, it is a true marvel of stone and wood, erected without mortar or concrete. Iron was only used where it was absolutely necessary. The water drives the wheel with a diameter of three meters with a gradient of 50 centimeters, the corrugated oak tree lifts the saw blade. When falling, the leaf eats its way into the tree trunk and is cushioned at the bottom by a wooden construction with a knocking noise, which is called the ?? knocking saw ?? explained. Such a saw managed 1,5 cubic meters of sawn timber per day, which is hardly to be found in your usual place.

The saw was lovingly renovated from 1981 to 1993 and is put into operation on Sundays from May to October for demonstration purposes. The museum saw can be viewed every day all year round, as it is open on one side and allows every visitor to look inside.

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