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Book accommodation in the Black Forest – with these tips you will make a good decision

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There are many beautiful destinations around the Black Forest that attract both local and foreign tourists, including Bad Wildbad, Calw, Freiburg, Titisee-Neustadt and Triberg. They all have their own charm, but before you can explore, you first need to book accommodation. Since the selection of accommodation is good all year round, the only question that remains is how to make a good decision when booking. Our tips provide the answer.

Determine type of accommodation

Just because most accommodations are are hotels, that doesn't mean you don't have other options. In addition to the classic hotels, there is a variety of other accommodation options, including holiday homes, holiday apartments and guesthouses. Even a holiday on a farm is possible. The best type of accommodation depends on your personal preferences. Holiday homes, for example, are more suitable for holidaymakers who value privacy and want to take care of basic things themselves, while hotels are suitable for everyone who is looking for a high level of comfort and good service. A farm holiday, on the other hand, is ideal for families with children.

Check equipment

Not all accommodations are equally well equipped, but you should not blindly rely on the hotel stars when booking, but rather check the facilities more closely. Please take your time to look at the images provided. If there are only a few pictures available, this is often an indicator of simple or even inadequate equipment. Let's take the bathroom as an example. Good bathroom equipment includes, among other things functional and beautiful sink, as it also occupies a relevant place in everyday life when traveling. After all, the sink is the place where we start the day and end it before going to bed.

Consider location

Admittedly there are throughout Black Forest beautiful excursion destinations. But that's still no reason to book your accommodation on the off chance, because a good location makes a big difference when traveling. It's a lot more pleasant when there are restaurants, sights and means of transport in the immediate vicinity.

Compare prices

As always, a price comparison is recommended. Otherwise, you will end up paying significantly more, even though a comprehensive comparison would have been possible with just a few clicks. However, price alone should not be the only selection criterion. Cheap accommodation is fine, but only if it meets basic requirements. A vacation is a vacation and you should feel completely comfortable.

Read guest reviews

We can now take a look at other people's reviews at any time to find out about services, products or even accommodations. In principle this is highly recommended, but not all Reviews on the net are equally reliable. Both negative and positive reviews can be fake. You should therefore always be a little skeptical. Regardless, reviews are one of the best quality indicators out there.

Contact accommodation directly

Of course, it's not absolutely necessary to call the accommodation in person, but whoever can Vacation in the Black Forest planning doesn't have to leave anything to chance. The reception staff at the accommodations are usually very friendly and helpful, so it's perfectly fine to ask if you're unsure. Don't be afraid of a quick call. A personal conversation can make the decision much easier.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal