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Palm oasis in the Black Forest bathing paradise
Palm oasis in the Black Forest bathing paradise

Badeparadies Schwarzwald



Location: Titisee-Neustadt
Suitable for prams: ja
Dogs allowed: no


3,2,1 - GO!

Come by and experience the fun of your life!

Time never stands still in the GALAXY SCHWARZWALD: fast slides, adrenaline rushes and cool attractions await you.

For very little paddling frogs. For little Aquarius. For mermaids. For slide professionals. For record breakers.

Hot curves with an ice-cold thrill. Real tests of courage for those hungry for slides.

Relaxation in the steam bath for the whole family. Spread fun, inhale a good mood.

Head first into an unforgettable family adventure. Conquer your water world!

Do you want guaranteed fun for young and old?

Sliding from family level to X-treme level?

Then take off into another galaxy. GALAXY BLACK FOREST.


Oases stand for liveliness, for drawing strength and for a wonder of nature. They appear out of nowhere like in a fairy tale and have everything you need in abundance.

Heart bubbling. Happiness. Arrive.

You can also arrive in the PALM OASIS, your personal, invigorating retreat. Find rest. Refuel. Take a deep breath. Balance means being at peace with yourself. Feel empowered from within. After the hardships of everyday life, enjoy this protective, energizing place and let yourself go. You can do this in no time under real Caribbean palm trees with a calming view of the original Black Forest.

Feel good: 33 ° C warm water is pure relaxation.

A cocktail? With pleasure.

Hot and cold - the textile saunas and the “Black Forest Fog” steam bath will make you sweat; then the “crystal shower” and the “19 ° C plunge pool” invigorate body and mind.


Beauty inside and out. Float weightlessly in the water.

Immerse yourself in our world of health and thus in four deeply effective health pools which, thanks to extraordinary mineral additives, have a stimulating and metabolism-boosting effect. Let go, relax and relieve all joints - this is made possible by salts from the Dead Sea.

The “vital pool” enriched with zinc and selenium, which activates all the senses and increases mental and physical performance, is particularly popular. After visiting the calcium-lithium pool, the only thing missing is the good mood bath to round off the energy-boosting visit to our house.

Admission from 16 years and for small children up to and including 3 years.


The PALAIS VITAL offers exquisite wellness for all the senses. Thematic saunas take the guests into an exotic, oriental or rustic-rustic world and invite you to a personal wellness program.

Vitalizing massage bubble loungers gently stimulate the metabolism and a generous "champagne pool" (whirlpool) massages the last stress out of the body. Recharge your batteries with a leisurely swim with a view of the vastness of the Black Forest and then fortify yourself with healthy and regional delicacies, that is unforgettable first-person time for long-lasting relaxation.


  • 6 "vital pools" with a fantastic panoramic view
  • a spacious "champagne pool" (whirlpool)
  • heavenly massage bubble beds
  • 8 thematic event saunas
  • approx. 200 real Caribbean palms
  • exquisite restaurant "TOP Taste of Paradise"
  • fantastic indoor and outdoor pool bars
  • Water temperature 33 ° C
  • Panorama roof that opens when the weather is nice

Favorite place - unique in the region is the VENUS SKY LOUNGE, the relaxing SPA and vitality lounge exclusively for women.

Badeparadies Schwarzwald

At Badeparadies 1
79822 Titisee-Neustadt

07651 93600

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